About NCShakes

Costume Shop

NCShakes' Costume Shop is a community resource that serves schools, colleges, universities, clubs, civic groups, businesses and individuals with costume and clothing needs.

Services include:

Costume Rentals
Costume Alterations
Costume Construction
Clothing Alterations
Special Projects

The shop’s extensive stock of costumes and accessories is available for rental at reasonable rates, particularly for not-for-profit groups. Rates for alterations and construction are also reasonable and designed to help institutions with limited resources meet their challenging costume needs.

All requests for costume services are carefully considered. No project is too large or small. Most importantly, the shop’s personnel are personable and enthusiastic; they respect each group’s particular needs and strive to work within budgets, meet schedules and accommodate special needs.

NCShakes' Costume Shop is located at 807 W. Ward Avenue, High Point, at the corner of W. Ward and Green Street.

For more information, please contact:
Jennifer Ackland
Costume Shop Manager
336-841-2273, ext. 331
[email protected]

Click here to view the detailed NCShakes Costume Shop policies.