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THE 2013-2014 TOUR:

Book a Shakespeare To Go performance, and we'll give you an entire play... well, minus a few words here and there... seven actors portraying some of the most famous and memorable characters in all of dramatic literature! NCShakes promises an interactive experience that will enrich your school's study of the world's greatest playwright. 

Grades 6-12, 60 Minutes

This energetic telling of Shakespeare's most famous tragedy uses only his original language, including Hamlet's famous soliloquy. The Play:

  • Involves direct audience interaction to engage students
  • Combines easily understood action and visuals with Shakespeare's language
  • Concludes with a thrilling swordfight that will have students on the edge of their seats 

Comedy of Errors
Grades 4-8, 45 Minutes

It's a classic story of mistaken identity instantly recognizable to anyone who's seen a TV sitcom - and so funny and fresh, students will be surprised it's Shakespeare. The production:

  • Recruits student volunteers from the audience
  • Uses Shakespeare's story to teach literary conventions such as figurative language and story construction
  • Introduces younger students to critical thinking and vocabulary

shakespeare to go oneDesigned as an exciting, high-energy introduction to the most well known works of Shakespeare, Shakespeare To Go brings a team of actors to North Carolina area schools, performing edited versions of entire plays. Shakespeare To Go provides performance experiences of Shakespeare's world and work, created especially for students. Performed by young, enthusiastic, professional actors,Shakespeare To Go also offers workshops designed to get student audiences up on their feet, experiencing the magic of speaking and performing the Bard for themselves!


shakespeare to go twoShakespeare To Go features direct audience contact between actor and audience - literally. Actors incorporate the student audience into every performance, giving students the valuable experience of both observing and participating in a live performance of the Bard's work. The program offers minimal use of set and costumes, sharing with students a primary focus on the language of Shakespeare, while also allowing performances to take place in almost any venue a school can offer. The program encourages its audience to use its imagination and sense of play, as actors double and triple the roles they perform in any given production.

Shakespeare To Go Fees
Fees begin at $750 for one performance, with special pricing for multiple performances or extended residencies. Maximum audience size is 300 students. Maximum Classroom Workshop size is 35 students. Travel fees may apply, depending on presenter location.

For booking information, please contact NCShakes at (336)841-2273, or [email protected].

Shakespeare To Go is for Homeschools, too!

Did you drive from out of town to see STG in High Point or Raleigh last year? Did you miss the show because you live too far away? Why not bring STG to your area? A local STG performance can be a great fundraiser for your homeschool support group.

For more information, contact NCShakes at [email protected] or call 336.841.2273.

Here's what students and teachers think:

"This has been a splendid experience! My kids loved it and continue to speak of it. The workshop yesterday was exceptional, and, just when I thought it could not get any better, the workshop this morning outdid everything! It is a very good morning for education, indeed!"

Karen M., Teacher
Reynolds High School
Winston Salem, NC

"After watching this performance, I have more interest in Shakespeare, because I now know that it can be enjoyable and funny."

Asad K., 7th Grader
Burlington Day School
Burlington, NC

"My children enjoyed the performances, as did I. The actors were excellent and did a fantastic job bringing Shakespeare's characters to life. If only I could have seen a performance like this in high school..."

Jodi L., Parent
Blue Ridge Christian
Home Educators
Hamptonville, NC

PDF Lesson Plans for Hamlet

PDF Lesson Plans for The Comedy of Errors

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